#6 – Summer 2015


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“Terrible Fish”Dora Badger
“Leaving Wisconsin,”
“How to Confuse an Idiot (Turn Over),”
“Nice Things,” “Firelighters,” and “Dance”CL Bledsoe
“Exit Interview,” and
“My Body, So I Know It”E.H. Brogan
“The Boy Princess”Jane Flett
“The Awl”Dr. M Leona Godin
“Summertime’s the Time for Torture / Time For Torture’s Summertime,”
“Spanish Donkey / Pear of Anguish,”
“Where Do We Go Post-Sex and Death,”
and “Red Hair, Red Venison, Brown Summer Sun”Jessie Janeshek
“The Story of Essa”Alison McBain
“Summer Love” J. Wendell Miller
“Beauty Sleep”Melissa Moorer
“Scarecrow” and “The Fugitive”Kristine Ong Muslim
“Workplace Violence”Leland Neville
“Who Else Would Make a World Like This”Stephen S. Power
“Difficult Questions”Zain Saeed
“Emily Dickinson’s Dorm Room,”
“Her Goodies are Her Own,” and
“When All the Trees Go Up in Flames, Only Water Puts Them Back to Sleep”
Kailey Tedesco
“Placenta”Ned Thimmayya
“5/15/1984” and “Red Planet”J.G. Walker

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