#7 – Fall 2015

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Fashion goes to war– literally. A playground comes to life. A lady wants to fly. An artist plays a dangerous game. A mysterious woman appears after a powerful storm. Time comes to an end, yet the world goes on…

All that + 13 cosmically flappy poems, some swampy Southern Gothic, & an introduction to the world’s most profound coloring book.


“Pharoah Sanders in the Cleaning Lady’s Bedroom”Manisha Anjali
“the things that are left behind” and
“an inventory of instruction manuals”Joyce Chong
“When the Seals Would Clap No More” – Tim Conley
“Liftoff” and “Cosmonaut”Laurin DeChae
“Ewart”Michael Díaz Feito
“The World Smells of Boogers”B. Diehl
“The Playground”Samantha Duncan
“Posing for Tarkins”Joel Enos & Angela Enos
“Mother to Chick”Rebecca Ann Jordan
“The Golden Hour”K.A. Liedel
“New Orleans”Violet Mclean
three poems from Nothing Granted Anna Meister
“Earth Comes Down”Maria Pinto
“Creature Feature: Caligynachtmare: Dread the Beauty”Shannon Moore Shepherd
“Me” and “My Wet”Adam Tedesco & Juliet Cook
“Armed & Fabulous!” David X. Wiggin

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