#19 – Fall 2018

SEPTEMBER 22, 2018


“How to Grow Rat Teeth” and
“The Moon Made Out of Bloated Cheese” – Juliet Cook & j/j hastain
“Beyond Love” – J. David
“Chemtrail Mist of the New World” – C.D. Frelinghuysen
“Dear Anybody” and
“poem with puppies and flowers inside of it” – Denise Jarrott
“Questionnaire for the Gravitron Operator Before I Ride” – Jennifer Savran Kelly
“omen” – Monica Lewis
“On the Backs of Cats”- Kathryn McMahon
“What I Say at the Bar With My Fists in Different Positions,”
“What I Say at the Bar With Mozart and Schubert,” and
“Thirteen Reasons” – Matthew Meriwether
“Last Halloween” –Cameron Suey

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