“Newsfeed” – Poetry by William Lessard

The Sensational News – Rene Magritte, 1926

“Newsfeed” is William Lessard‘s  fantastically uber-modern poem from our Winter 2019 issue.

{ X }

to get a seat going east


the pride of non-migratory birds that managed to eat through winter


video of woman folding laundry
slowed to ten hours
the new #kink


Pope going off-message,
suggesting dustpan
awaits us at the bottom of the steps


FB data profile defines me as “very liberal,”
tone of Thanksgiving uncle implied


acorn aggro


asking white people with dreadlocks “why?”


Benjamin using “loss of aura” as getaway car


empire thinks
it’s a lot better looking than it is


5 pizza rolls acquired (because additional 15,000 was not available)


hoping it will be April
sometime in May or June


Russian spy poisoned 50 miles south of London had been looking for a cure for his cough


passing away
after a brief wellness


Barthes pretends to talk to mother on payphone that chirps Heidegger in his ear


wondering what the “it” phone is
that celebrities are throwing at assistants


posting oasis
beneath my nose on Airbnb
promoting with photos
tiny people napping/making love
along my upper lip


ketchup slices shaped like cheese singles but looking like fruit leather


kombucha as mythical country
where everyone has great abs


time warp


hungry for a fresh semiotic
—the old categories blurred on new menu with Lilliputian font, Brobdingnagian prices


the defenestration of Chet


friend says he’s out “Herzog-ing,”
his term for walking in the desert and considering the Abyss


morning show for night people that begins at 1 p.m.


review of the Bowie show at Brooklyn Museum:
it was nice to revisit a time
when people still believed in the future


bed that folds
upon itself
to protect
sleepers during earthquakes


—Dracula’s enforced nightly entombment; the robot version


rows of cartoon food
in the base of the crypt;
can’t be the Apocalypse if there’s snacks




choosing the Chekovian
whenever someone asks “what’s wrong?”


FB reminds me that 5 years ago today
i was floating over the city
—arms, legs spreading
a leaf’s expanse


woman blames “windy day” for cocaine found in purse


precious bead of obsidian placed in the blowhole


Clarice Lispector drawing stippled line
along the horizon of her eyelid


line she calls her “velvet lathe”


man with diamond bow tie mistaking it
for one of her sentences


Imaginary as the punch you never threw


tonight lacking toilet paper


no palm trees in Marxism


theory the gaze that thinks nudity is molecular


Tarkovsky ordering lunch
for all the hungry tummies in The Zone


when the worst
thing you did today
was cream cheese


for the person you were promised
a few layers down


woman on my right
burns 650 calories;
man on my left
bright blue liquid
burns 70


being old means hating yourself for the right reason


Louise saving a seat at the center of the cage


meat ecology


spectators on the other side of the border
watch the bombings
from beach chairs




woman asks “chaise longue or chaise lounge?”
—linguistic Waterloo


in the pig fight,
the pig
always has
the home field advantage


trailer for a new restoration


pink light


you will hear music until your call is answered


{ X }

WILLIAM LESSARD has writing that has appeared or is forthcoming in McSweeney’s, American Poetry Review, Best American Experimental Writing, HobartBrooklyn RailHyperallergic. His visual work has been featured at MoMA PS1.

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