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Old Begga
Old Beggar, Louis Dewis (1916)

Here at FLAPPERHOUSE, we understand that the global economy is perched precariously on the brink of catastrophe, and as a result, most publications can’t afford to pay their writers anymore. But that doesn’t mean we want to settle for being one of those publications.

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So for as long as there’s such a thing as money, we’d like to obtain some of that money from generous, beautiful people like you. We will then distribute said money among our talented writers and editors, not only to reward them for their hard work, but also to ensure that we’re able to publish our brand of surreal, shadowy, sensual, satirical literature for years to come.

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People often say they’ll give you a “penny for your thoughts,” but we at FLAPPERHOUSE would like to pay our contributors a penny for each word of their thoughts. Admittedly, one cent per word isn’t exactly New Yorker money, but we think that’s a decent rate considering our website doesn’t have pop-up ads for David Yurman pinky rings. (Not yet, at least.) Besides, a cent per word is still a cent per word more than most publications are prepared to offer these days, so there’s that.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Please direct any inquiries to FLAPPERHOUSE at gmail dot com.

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