#8 – Winter 2016

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Wendigos. Witches. Demons. Insects. P.J. Harvey. Purity. Parenthood. Patahistorians. Paraphernalia. Purgatory. Progress? Phosphorescent Skywriting: FLAPPERHOUSE #8.


“The Wendigo Goes Home”Sara Dobie Bauer
“Witch Collections,” “The Witch These Days,”
“Spell for the One Whom You Desire Who Doesn’t Desire You,”
and “The Witch’s Cat Gets Grounded”E.H. Brogan
“a Stone and a Cloud”Brendan Byrne
“Hush, little baby, don’t say a word”Ally Covino
“How Emma Jean Crossed the River”Shawn Frazier
“Long night on Lake Oblivion”Luis Galindo
“Mothers and Demons and the In-Between”Janelle Garcia
“Hearsay from the Locusts,” “djanitors,” and
“Post-It Notes Left by Failed Actors”Ian Kappos
“Damaged Goods”Ron Kolm
“Fire Ants”Perry Lopez
“P.J. Harvey Says She is Going to Take Her Problems to the United Nations”
and “Two Torsos Don’t Make a Heart”Jennifer MacBain-Stephens
“Meets All Conditions”Kalpana Negi
“Patahistorian Seeks”Ahimaaz Rajesh
“The Nest of His Love”Jon Savage
“The Sin of a Son”Innas Tsuroiya
“Chapel of Sacred Mirrors,” “Lucifer Says,” “The Sun Rises Over Manhattan and Sets in Brooklyn,” “The Hierophant Builds a Bridge Between Deity and Humanity,” and “Lazuli”Joanna C. Valente