“Patahistorian Seeks” – Poetry by Ahimaaz Rajesh

The Rooster - Ivan Generalić, 1966
The Rooster – Ivan Generalić, 1966

 The first of our readers who can find & collect all the items listed in “Patahistorian Seeks,” Ahimaaz Rajesh‘s poem from our Winter 2016 issue, will win a free 1-year subscription to FLAPPERHOUSE! Happy hunting…

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Tacit lies,
Tesla Tower,
Bills ignored,
Karmic waves,
Bamboo straws,
X-rays of digits,
Opulent beggars,
Underwater desert,
Abandoned umbrellas,
Gamma rays in a bottle,
Cash-consuming termites,
Squirrel atop a broken tile,
Raindrop at the tip of my little toe, rust. Rooster flying to a treetop,
Lovers doing it in the graveyard, dandruff at the tip of a ponytail, False
asoka trees in a churchyard, volumes of Kathāsaritsāgara in a library, plastic
lips, page of a zine stuck in a tree branch, paper planes made of manifestos,
Ashwagandha washed ashore, mist. Dandelion caught in a cobweb,
Questionable good deeds,
Plant reflected in water,
Puppies in the rooftop,
Bursting soap bubbles,
Dust inside a keyhole,
Dislocated kneecap,
Birthmarks in a cat,
Handmade soap,
Yawning snake,
Welded fabrics,
Stained eyelids,
Chipped tooth,
Jellyfish dish,
Neti pots,
Toy gun,

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Ahimaz1AHIMAAZ RAJESH, having been published in Birkensnake, Nether, Apocrypha and Abstractions, Apparent Magnitude, Spork Press,  and 7×20, has work forthcoming in Cuento. While he’s not barcoded, he’s certainly pincoded.  

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