#10 – Summer 2016

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Mysterious machines, mangy coyotes, mad professors, murder sprees, bacterial puppet-masters, Clara Bow, Bettie Page, Bloody Mary, cool devils, cheerleaders from Hell, the ghost of James Joyce, sexual prayers: FLAPPERHOUSE X.


 ~ including ~

“Helpful Notes Regarding Your Purchase” – Brandon Barrett
“Mange”Cyndisa Coles-Harris
“Satan’s Gravy”A.S. Coomer & Juliet Cook
“The Past is Prologue” and “Somewhere to Land”Amy Strauss Friedman
“The Prince of Darkness is cool, like Toshiro Mifune”Luis Galindo
“So Much for the Sound of a Starboard Warp Whistle,”
“It All Feels Like Exhaustion,” “We’re All Flawed, but I’m Flawed Most of All,”
“All I Wanted Was Peace Pentecostal,” and
“The Flesh the Grave Cave Ate, Volume One”Jessie Janeshek
“After Lincoln, Nebraska” and “Litany of What We Killed” – Devin Kelly
“Finnegan Joyce” Ron Kolm
“Warlock,” “Crystal,” “Curse” and “Familiar” – William Lessard
“From the Master’s Table”Christine Ma-Kellams
“Clara Bow is In Your Face but You Can’t Grab Her”Joseph P. O’Brien
“Maggots: A Rapture” and “Legacy of Strega”Christina M. Rau
“Penning the Nasty / Creed”Lora Rivera
“Polaroid of a Man in Love”Darley Stewart
“First Souls”Cameron Suey
“How Often We Confuse Ovens for Rabbit Holes”Kailey Tedesco