#4 – Winter 2015

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Pterodactyls, copulating hyenas, multicolored blood, an alcoholic medium, a meditative model, human redwoods, a post-punk serial killer, an Antarctic elegy, a poison house, a cursed cabin, a mischievous store, an imaginary novel, post-apocalyptic pie,
Joan of Arc
, Frida Kahlo’s monkeys, and a deer with the head of Emily Dickinson.

And of course, it’s all covered in the chilling rime of wintry discontent!

“The Glassblower”Brendan Byrne
“Domestic Mini-Horror,”
and “Multicolored Blood”Juliet Cook
“Poison House,” “Half-Price Wednesday,”
and “A deer with the head of Emily Dickinson” – Cassandra de Alba
“Both of Djuna” – Joel Enos & Angela Enos
“Frida Entertained” – Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois
“Copulatory Lock,” “Horns,” “Amiss and Amok,”
and “Memoir Recalls” j/j hastain
“Invocation: Joan of Arc Reads the Crowd,”
“Siege of Compiegne,”
“Cross Dressers: The trial of Joan of Arc,” “Pilgrimage,”
and “Grackles” – Jennifer MacBain-Stephens
“Gelid”T. Mazzara
“Transmutation”Alison McBain
“The Store” Mari Ness
“Introduction: A Moor in the Onyx Ash Grove – Amanda Sarasien
“Act of Contrition,” “Cue the Lutes,”
“Anthropogenic,” and “Follow Up”M.A. Schaffner
“Ghost-Sick Jarvis”E.L. Siegelstein
“The Broken Arch”Reshad Staitieh
“The Love Spell” – Tom Stephan

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