RebeccaJordan-21REBECCA ANN JORDAN  is a speculative fiction author and artist. She has published fiction and poetry in Strange Horizons, Fiction Vortex, Strangelet, and more. In 2015 Becca participated in the Clarion Writer’s Workshop and holds an MFA from California Institute of the Arts in 2016. While Becca originated in the San Diego area, she now sells weird and wonderful books in the mountain town of Durango, Colorado. See more of her work at or follow her @beccaquibbles.

“Stage Manager” FLAPPERHOUSE #1 (Spring 2014)

“Chicken Sandwich”FLAPPERHOUSE #3 (Fall 2014)

“Mother to Chick” – FLAPPERHOUSE #7 (Fall 2015)

“Unfurring”FLAPPERHOUSE #12 (Winter 2017)

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