#18 – Summer 2018

Sex magic, hurricanes, leviathans, anti-romcoms, overly-realistic dreams,
doll-written novels, talking bodega cats: FLAPPERHOUSE #18
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“Things You Should Know Before We Get Married,”
“Old Man,” and “Knock Knock”Todd Dillard
“American Beauty”Trista Edwards
“A Blond Joke”Addy Evenson
“Too Late for Anarchy,” “The Dry Bones in the Valley,”
and “Three for Tom and Michael” – Marc Harshman
“Madcap/The Fabulous Century,” “Madcap/Cabin Fever,” “Madcap/Big Shiny,”
and “Madcap/Femme Fatale” Jessie Janeshek
“Bodega Cat”Tabitha Laffernis
“Snapshot from the Revolution”Perry Lopez
“Rating”Olivia Mardwig
“Fetish/Recluse” and “Kink”Rita Mookerjee
“Loveless”AJ Ogundimu
“A Threefold Invocation”dave ring
“Anonymity is Life!”Sola Saar
“We Have Always…”John J. Trause