“American Beauty” – Poetry by Trista Edwards

Chateau Marmont #1 (Vintage) – Mark Fugarino, 2014 [CC 2.0]
“American Beauty” is Trista Edwards‘ hauntingly ethereal poem from our Summer 2018 issue.

{ X }

Chateau Marmont. Hollywood, California.


               to ward off the quiet humming
                              of ghosts. I drape wilted roses

off balconies & burn a candle at dusk
               to feel the silky glamour of light.
                              Resurrected moon shine

when the moon is not enough. I kiss the back
               of your hands with wine-stained lips
                              & raise them to the hunger

of my body. Yesterday, in the graveyard,
               we brought gold to forgotten starlets
                              in the form of violets, totems,

& fire. I gather vials of dirt & fallen petals.
               We sweat among the dead
                              in the little operetta of ourselves.

Our breathing—that sweetness we flaunt
               among the headstones. But on the balcony
                              we are ravenous to wither

as Sunset casts its wicked spell below.
               Crimson brake lights & smog.
                              Empire of dreams.

I tell you I could die here. You say,
               You already have. The essence of lavender
                              floats through the sapphire evening sky.

{ X }

TRISTA EDWARDS is an associate editor at Luna Luna Magazine. She is also the curator and editor of the anthology, Till The Tide: An Anthology of Mermaid Poetry (Sundress Publications, 2015). You can find her work at 32 PoemsQuail Bell MagazineMoonchild MagazineThe Adroit JournalThe BoilerQueen Mob’s Tea HouseBad Pony, Dream Pop Press, and more. She creates magickal candles at her company, Marvel + Moon.

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