#17 – Spring 2018

Sisterhood, Mysterious Treasure, Fallen Angels, Deviant Afterlives, Slasher Barbies, Poetic Viruses, Baboon Warfare: FLAPPERHOUSE #17.
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(print copies available to order SOON)


“the barbie slasher,” “after my love affair with barbie,”
and “the burial of headless ken, et al.” – sally burnette
“Forever” – Michael Chin
“Prolific: The Obituary of Jack O’Brien” – Andrew Davie
“The Underworld is a Multiverse, and All Your Lovers
Are Invited: Part 1 and 2” – Laura Podolnick Dukhon
“Pink Lemonade,” My Sister is a Quiet Cave,”
“Mark,” and “Rock Island” – Gabriela Garcia
“The Golden Key”Carlea Holl-Jensen
“The Virus Shaves Her Legs,” “The Virus Asks for Couples Therapy,”
“The Virus Draws a Self-Portrait,” and “The Virus cries during sex”- Katie Longofono
“Angels and Cowboys” – Catfish McDaris
“Self-Portrait as Pokémon #568 or Trubbish” – Brandon Melendez
“Dead in the Eye” – Melissa Mesku
“What More Don’t You Want From Me,” “Menace,”
and “Disconnect Connection” – stephanie roberts
“Luxury Lucent” – Steven Ray Smith
“Let’s not pretend everything is going to be OK” – William Squirrell
“Endling” – Clio Velentza
“Sisters,” “Litany of the Body,” and “If You Water a Horse” – Abigail Welhouse