jbradleyheadshotJ. BRADLEY is the author of the forthcoming flash fiction collection Neil & Other Stories (Whiskey Tit Books, 2018). He lives at jbradleywrites.com.

“No More Poems About Resolutions,”
“A Highly Magnified History,”
“When a Poet Wants to Date You,” and
“Yelp Review – Total Wine”
FLAPPERHOUSE #1 (Spring 2014)

“Multnomah,” “Consolation Prize,” and “Projection” – FLAPPERHOUSE #9 (Spring 2016)

“The Ribcage Creates the Sound of Settling,” “The Ribcage Explains (Again) Why It Never Votes,” “The Ribcage Dreams of Dancing On a Grave (Or Two),” “The Ribcage Tries to Make a Sextape,” and “The Ribcage Tries to Find a Cure For Catching Feelings”FLAPPERHOUSE #15 (Fall 2017)

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