#9 – Spring 2016

Monstrous immortality, reincarnation, eternal recurrence, never-ending gender, virtual sex, multiple organisms, reclusive regiments: FLAPPERHOUSE #9.

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“Multnomah,” “Consolation Prize,” and “Projection” J. Bradley
“Likenesses”Leona Godin
“The Libertine’s Lament”Rob Hartzell
excerpts from Priest/ess 4 j/j hastain
“Redfield”Stephen Langlois
“advice from spirit eater,” “father,” and “weather”William Lessard
“A Fan Girl Meets David Bowie”Sarah Lilius
“Doodlebug”Emily Linstrom
“Cape Valentine,” “How to Be a Small Press Success,” “A Victim of Circumstance,”
“Master of the Understatement,” and “Living in the Underbelly” – Catfish McDaris
“Bodies,” “Another Failed Poem About Unrequited Love,”
and “Synesthesia”Lauren Milici
“Rolling Out Tortillas”Sarah Frances Moran
“The Title is Buried Inside, or What!”Ahimaaz Rajesh
“The Weight Between Want and Desire” and “Washerwomen”Christina M. Rau
“This Year’s War”Nickalus Rupert
“The Libidinal Economy of the Suburbs”Joseph Tomaras
“Muse, Elucidated” and “Outskirt Melancholia”Innas Tsuroiya