#11 – Fall 2016

Freaky families, fake Lovecrafts, literary sabotage, coffee-shop assassins, Eucharist-stealing monkeys,  mediocre hauntings, discreet dystopias: FLAPPERHOUSE #11.
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~ including ~

“The Invention of H.P. Lovecraft” – Shay K. Azoulay
“Mediocre Company”Michael Seymour Blake
“To Love a Street,” “Ode to Cousin Mike,”
“Ode to a Man Who Says Motherfucker Twice as Much as Any Motherfucker Should,”
and “Texting with My Cousin Rhee” – Jeremiah Driver
“Charlotte”Nancy Hightower
“Visiting Elizabeth” – M.A. Istvan Jr.
“Discharge,” “Ever Increasing Numbers Of Sets,” and
“Comforts Which Are Few” Armando Jaramillo Garcia
“FWB,” “On the D,” “Artemis,”
“Letter to Your Chromosomes,” and “Winona Forever” – Monica Lewis
“Elementals”Ilana Masad
a prose poemNicole McCarthy
“evermore” and “faux pas” – Lonnie Monka
“Alone with All You Can’t Hear”Jason Namey
“The Extraordinary True Story of the Unmother Who Substantiated Darwinism,”
“How Women Begot the Bible,” and “hangover poem” – Jeanann Verlee
“The Last War”Stu Watson
 “Number 59”Rayna White
“Were You Not Meant to Live This Long” and “Slept Through”  Cooper Wilhelm
“The Discreet Charm of the Oligarchy”Claudia Zander