LuisGHeadshotLUIS  GALINDO lives in Houston, Texas. He works as a professional theatre actor and Anime voice over artist. He’s been everything from a Texas pipeliner and offshore oil rig worker to a NYC bartender. Luis is the author of two collections of poetry and prose: Electric Rats in a Neon Gutter and  The Roaring Dawn, The Silent Mountain. He believes in alchemy, rock and roll and the power of the word. He received an MFA in classical theatre performance from the university of Delaware Professional Theatre Training Program. 

“The Puddle of Romeo’s Tears”FLAPPERHOUSE #1 (Spring 2014)

Long night on Lake Oblivion” – FLAPPERHOUSE #8 (Winter 2016)

“The Prince of Darkness is cool, like Toshiro Mifune” – FLAPPERHOUSE X (Summer 2016)

“Sycorax Martinez is a witch from Corpus Christi, Texas”FLAPPERHOUSE #16 (Winter 2018)

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