#13 – Spring 2017

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Killer cinema, mystical soothlayers, manic manifestos, mythical masks, squirrel funerals, wayward wizards, Freddy Krueger: FLAPPERHOUSE #13.

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“Torture Game”Ryan Bradford
“Nine Masks”Gregory Crosby
“The Monster Study”Andrew Davie
“A Cat Maybe, or Breaking,” “Shenandoah,”
and “The Rats Are Ready” – Michael Díaz Feito
“Never Be Stuck”j/j hastain & Juliet Cook
“Believe Me”Jono Naito
“Kiss with Recorder and Killer”Jane Ormerod
“Object Permanence” and “Static”Christina M. Rau
“Manifesto for Alata, Transcinematist;
or Winged Imagination, by GLB Pym” (Amanda Sarasien)
“Mercuria, the AndroGenie”Zoel Paupy Stirner
“Shananananananana Knees, Knees,” “Gunter Glieben Glauchen Globen”,
and “The Fourth of July” – Adam Tedesco
“Picnic”A.E. Weisgerber
“Dead Squirrel Oh My Soul” and “My Teen Ghost is Hungry” Caroll Sun Yang