#14 – Summer 2017

JUNE 21, 2017



“My skin felt too hot” – E. Kristin Anderson
“I Am Rita Hayworth and You Are Orson Welles” and
“Summer Water” – Sarah Bridgins
“Investment Vehicle,” “Season’s Greetings (Everything Will Be Fine),”
and “Vote For Arnie” – Leland Cheuk
“Carry an Armload of Spaghetti Up the Stairs…” –
a Conversation with Kendra Fortmeyer & Maria Pinto
“Mission Concept” – Peter H.Z. Hsu
“Letters,” “Six Senses,” and Spider-Woman” – Satoshi Iwai
“ Delicate/Cheap,” “Harlouche Fugue/Drugstore Pageant,” “Decision Fatigue,”
“Winter Bow,” and “Platinum Girl” – Jessie Janeshek
“When I Die Someone Just Fuck My Body Please” – Ian Kappos
“Caulking the Wagon” and “When My Father Told Me
How He Wanted to Be Buried” – Devin Kelly
“Hope Springs Eternal, or: The Reincarnation of Andy Warhol’s Soul” – Ron Kolm
“Sudden Sight” – Edna McNamara
“Left Behind” – Kaj Tanaka