#14 – Summer 2017

Astronauts, Chrononauts, Bird Bones, Reincarnated Warhol, Clairvoyant Love Triangles, Loony Lighthouse-Keepers: FLAPPERHOUSE #14

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“My skin felt too hot”E. Kristin Anderson
“I Am Rita Hayworth and You Are Orson Welles” and
“Summer Water”Sarah Bridgins
“Investment Vehicle,” “Season’s Greetings (Everything Will Be Fine),”
and “Vote For Arnie”Leland Cheuk
“Birdland” – Julia Dixon Evans
“Molecular,” “Symptom,” and “Shamanistic” – Kofi Fosu Forson
“Carry an Armload of Spaghetti Up the Stairs…”
a Conversation with Kendra Fortmeyer & Maria Pinto
“Mission Concept”Peter H.Z. Hsu
“Letters,” “Six Senses,” and “Spider-Woman”Satoshi Iwai
“ Delicate/Cheap,” “Harlouche Fugue/Drugstore Pageant,” “Decision Fatigue,”
“Winter Bow,” and “Platinum Girl” – Jessie Janeshek
“When I Die Someone Just Fuck My Body Please”Ian Kappos
“Caulking the Wagon” and “When My Father Told Me
How He Wanted to Be Buried” – Devin Kelly
“Hope Springs Eternal, or: The Reincarnation of Andy Warhol’s Soul”Ron Kolm
“Sudden Sight” Edna McNamara
“Left Behind”Kaj Tanaka
“Dickinson’s Widow” Claudia Zander