“Molecular” – Poetry by Kofi Fosu Forson

Untitled (Phallus Girl) – Hans Bellmer, 1964

“Molecular” is one of three subversively sensual & supremely surreal poems by Kofi Fosu Forson in our Summer 2017 issue.

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INTO THE LACERATION human body suspended divine cathartic thing
An anus mount. Figure formed penetrating to assume role of Alpha.
All that there is, denouement. Capricious as phallus-erected-god(dess).
Within resurrection this being governs a king made submissive queen
Neither sensory nor circumcision feeling person pure in luminescence.
Lamprey kiss, long limbed leg on leg, fortuitous embrace. My brossa
I am bro. Butch temptress on air, Omega having spun her life cycle.
Bars uphold weight, flesh and bone. Pillar points where the head
Meets the feet. Erroneous adventures, our false selves decapitated
Either or dethroning, crown relinquished, disrobed. Nude culture,
Tempestuous taste. In the droned season, ghosts give off sensations.
What we become, maturation from thought-positivity, embryo, cell.

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KOFI FOSU FORSON has written and directed plays for the Riant Theater. His collaborations include Gender, Space, Art and Architecture, a video project (Liverpool, England) and Dismember the Night, thread poetry and photography project (Tribes Gallery, NYC). As writer and poet he has published with Three Rooms Press and Great Weather for Media. He currently explores art criticism and interviews artists for Gainsayer Press.

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