FLAPPERHOUSE Reading #17 / Issue 15 Flight Party

Our engines’ll be running hotter than a boiling kettle as we celebrate the flight of our Fall 2017 issue with our 17th reading! Wednesday night, September 27, 7-9 PM at the always-hospitable Pacific Standard, 82 Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn.



Admission is FREE, and you can buy copies of FLAPPERHOUSE #15 for the special reading price of $5.

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“Drought” – Flash Prose by Kim Coleman Foote

Spirit of the drought – Arthur Streeton, 1895

Our Fall 2017 issue, FLAPPERHOUSE #15, won’t fly until Friday, 9/22, but today we’re offering a taste of all the menacing weirdness we have in store with “Drought,” an eerily surreal & fable-like work of flash prose by Kim Coleman Foote.

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for Cynthia Graae

THIS YEAR, BEFORE NIGHT RUSHES IN, WE AWAIT THE RIGHT MOMENT. When sky turns cyan and a breeze chants in the air, against our ears. When sky turns grey, erasing sun rays and hinting at rain, which hasn’t appeared in months.

Everyone in the area tenses upon their chairs, hoping to be agents in a new rite, begging Mother Nature to grant us those liquid grains from her atmosphere. We cant and cry, hoping she’ll hear us, when a gay gent strolls amongst us, stroking the cat on his shoulder. He lifts his thin legs like a crane then breaks into a canter. Some gather their young in fright. He tears off his hat, exposing a halo of hair, rants about how in this age, it is our hate that keeps Her from cooperating.

When an old hag jumps from her seat, we grit our teeth. She rages at the man, spittle staining her chin like tinea, her breath stinking of gin. She claims that the gates of the moon shall open to anyone who hasn’t tired of life’s mysteries.

The man grins the whole time. The cat has changed to a hare eating hay (some say it never was a pet but a rat disguised in rags).

Aside: don’t attempt to tag this as fiction; reality, in actuality, is fraught with much more strangeness.

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Digital Copies of FLAPPERHOUSE #15 Now Available!

Inescapable Body Horror, Drunken Gods, Chatty Animals, Killer Candymen, Tyrannical Trumps, Jeff Goldblum’s Sick Abs: FLAPPERHOUSE #15
SEPTEMBER 22, 2017
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“John Wick Pumps Gas,” “Superhero,” and
“So, The Portal To Another Dimension Is Not In The Hudson” – Chris Antzoulis
“The Ribcage Creates the Sound of Settling,” “The Ribcage Explains (Again) Why It Never Votes,” “The Ribcage Dreams of Dancing On a Grave (Or Two),” “The Ribcage Tries to Make a Sextape,” and “The Ribcage Tries to Find a Cure For Catching Feelings” – 
J. Bradley

“My language is so dead & undead” – Kristen Brida
“Drenched Mold” and “Which Alter Ego Will Drown You?” –
Juliet Cook & Michael Bernstein
“Drought” – Kim Coleman Foote
“Existential Ketchup” – James Croal Jackson
“Transformulation” – Serena Johe
“Shinrin-yoku” – Amanda Krupman
“Phantoms” and “Vanity” – Ashley Mares
“Hades in Single Malt” and “Ares Inebriated” – Bernadette McComish
“No More I Love You’s” and “Douchko” – Juan Parra
“Big Game Hunter” – Matt Patrick
“A Bullet for Mr. Sweet” – E.L. Siegelstein
“Ecotone” – Chelsea Laine Wells
“Scent” – Cooper Wilhelm

Our 2017 Best of the Net Nominees Are…

Casting the Net – Suzanne Valadon, 1914

We have submitted our nominations for the 2017 Best of the Net anthology, which honors literary work that originally appeared on the internet between 7/1/2016 & 6/30/2017, and they are:

“How to Vomit Living Creatures” – short fiction by Deirdre Coyle (from FLAPPERHOUSE #12)

“Mission Concept” – short fiction by Peter H.Z. Hsu (from FLAPPERHOUSE #14)

Congratulations & best of luck to all our nominees, as well as our eternal gratitude for contributing their amazing work to our weird little zine!