“Hearsay from the Locusts” – Poetry by Ian Kappos

Insects - Theodor Severin Kittelsen, circa 1900
Insects – Theodor Severin Kittelsen, circa 1900

“Hearsay from the Locusts” is one of 3 poems dripping with dark weirdness that Ian Kappos contributed to our Winter 2016 issue. Buy yourself a copy of FLAPPERHOUSE #8 to read the rest…

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GIVE ME TO THE INSECTS, let me oil their mandibles.
Sprockets and painless hive death, become
the machine, eat
the lice.
It’s something to feed
the roots you once trod on, gummy-eyed and
heart-wrenched at the
coming dog-year, thinking
“Float me on down your canopy,
strange and mutant sky,”
hive death
nectar-drunk, in utero,
no man is an island—archipelago.

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IMG_20150226_162305IAN KAPPOS‘ short fiction and poetry has appeared in numerous online and print publications. With writer Derek Tollefson, he co-edits the new avant-garde magazine Milkfist and plays in the hardcore punk band Cross Class. He cannot whistle. A lifelong resident of Northern California, he is currently pursuing a BA in English at CSU Sacramento. Lurk him at www.iankappos.net.

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