A Third Excerpt from Nothing Granted – Poetry by Anna Meister

Wrath - Giotto, 1306
Wrath – Giotto, 1306

Our Fall 2015 issue contains three excerpts from Anna Meister‘s outstanding poetry series Nothing Granted. We’ve posted two of those poems earlier this season and today we’re very flappy to present the third one below.

{ X }

ANGELS FALL UNDER IT see them bend without necks hear them beg
light swallow the itch to scratch catch myself rawer than meat

the shaking after sip that transforms a body I could keep
drowning all these fantasies packaged I could wear blood

would they all come true like apples I try to sit & pray praise
in due time what might come without whatever name god

make me secure hands of little make me pine fuck the drowning
takes too long you don’t have to dream my body is bald & fingered

by you need help call all the cool cold hands I am tired
of the guilty swallow so greedy I feel here is my throat

working teeth marks everywhere I go grant me wrath a cliff
wouldn’t change I’m leaving anything I could come home

sober for somewhere between a room filled with smoke
& commitment I stay lifted naked girl almost recognizable

{ X }

anna_meisterANNA MEISTER is an MFA candidate in Poetry at New York University, where she serves as a Goldwater Writing Fellow. A Pushcart Prize & Best of the Net nominee, her poems are forthcoming in Powder Keg, Whiskey Island, Barrelhouse, The Mackinac, & elsewhere. Anna is a 2015 Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts Fellow. She lives & works in Brooklyn.

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