“an inventory of instruction manuals” – poetry by Joyce Chong

Bernafas (Breathe) - Nyoman Masriadi, 2004
Bernafas (Breathe) – Nyoman Masriadi, 2004

Oh, how we wish we could actually read the titles listed in “an inventory of instruction manuals,” one of two exquisite poems by Joyce Chong in our Fall 2015 issue.

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“HOW TO DISASSEMBLE ROBOTICS” “how to reassemble robots” “how to dissect the human condition” “how to extract meaning out of the inherently meaningless” “how to exacerbate the mundane” “how to be inanimate” “how to splice” “how to emerge whilst sinking” “how to build a shipwreck” “how to money launder” “how to tear apart” “how to reassemble the torn pages of an instruction manual” “how to wind up time like a toy” “how to spill” “how to endure melancholy” “how to breathe” “how to breathe” “how to breathe” “how to spill, convincingly”.

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ndsbrt500JOYCE CHONG lives in Ontario, Canada where she writes fiction, poetry, and other types of lies surrounded by farm land and wine country. Her work has appeared in Cool Skull Press’ Goddessmode anthology, (parenthetical), and untethered magazine, with work forthcoming in Noble Gas Qtrly and Liminality. You can find her online at joycechong.ca, or you can follow her mundane (and occasionally excessive) tweeting at @JoyceEmilyC.

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