“Her Goodies Are Her Own” – Poetry by Kailey Tedesco

Little Red Riding Hood - Gustave Doré, circa 1867
Little Red Riding Hood – Gustave Doré, circa 1867

Our Summer 2015 issue features a few fairy tales with feminist twists, like “Her Goodies Are Her Own,” Kailey Tedesco‘s sassy & sensual spin on Little Red Riding Hood. It’s just one of three very flappy poems Kailey contributed to FLAPPERHOUSE #6, now on sale via Amazon and Createspace,  or at fine independent brick-and-mortar stores like Bluestockings and St. Mark’s Bookshop.

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when she found apple-
blood in the cup of her
bloomers. She said don’t
call me little and don’t call
me red. What big breasts
I have, risen like yeasty
loaves. Big bad wolf
cat-calling all night,
claiming his pickle will rot
when she won’t let him put
it in her basket. Only she can
stroke the edge of her hood,
alone with the altruistic moon.
She’ll let it down when she says
it’s time, and don a little red sheath,
sequins groping beams of light,
as she skips past granny’s and howls
into a sap-stained forest of her own.

{ X }

Headshot UpdateKAILEY TEDESCO is currently enrolled in Arcadia University’s MFA in Poetry program. She edits for Lehigh Valley Vanguard and Marathon Literary Magazine, while also teaching eighth grade English. A long-time flapper at heart, Kailey enjoys hanging out  in speakeasies, cemeteries, and abandoned amusement parks for all of her poetic inspiration. She is a resident poet of the aforementioned LVV, and her work has been featured in Boston Poetry Magazine and Jersey Devil Press

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