“Red Planet” – Poetry by J.G. Walker

A Glimpse of Mars - Alma Woodsey Thomas, 1969
A Glimpse of Mars – Alma Woodsey Thomas, 1969

A trek to another world is both ordinary and alienating in “Red Planet,” one of two powerful poems by J.G. Walker in our Summer 2015 issue (now available via Amazon and Createspace, or at independent brick-and-mortar stores like Bluestockings and St. Mark’s Bookshop).

{ X }

Alone, staggered by your own audacity

Attend to the mundane:
Forward your mail—except the bills
Pack all your books
Bring an extra jacket
Find out when to put out the trash
Fall back and Spring forward,
And write home (check how often the mail runs)

Also, make sure to grow green, leafy veggies,
Buy dark curtains to keep the inside from getting out

{ X }

12122014 (34)J.G. WALKER is a writer, musician, and teacher who lives with his wife in Colorado. His work has been featured in Oracle Fine Arts ReviewLullwater Review, and Aoife’s Kiss. He is currently trying to create the impression that he’s hard at work on a novel, Visitation: A Novel of Death and Inconvenience. You can find him at odd times on Twitter @jgwalkr or online at jgwalker.net

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