“Emily Dickinson’s Dorm Room” – Poetry by Kailey Tedesco

The Smiling Spider – Odilon Redon, 1891

Now that it’s Back-to-School season, let’s take a tour of “Emily Dickinson’s Dorm Room,” one of three very flappy poems by Kailey Tedesco in our Summer 2015 issue (available here, here,here, or here).

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Neglected and boarded up,
blanketed with dust and the
veil of a Stranger’s past –

My armoire is a well-visited morgue
where spiders take formaldehyde
and bite the common flies –Death
brims within my Sunday shoes –

The washroom – a waste basin.
Ladies purge their regrets, wretches
echo in the halls. Yet – they Play
pop-songs through the hours –

I guess I wanted this after all.

{ X }

Headshot UpdateKAILEY TEDESCO is currently enrolled in Arcadia University’s MFA in Poetry program. She edits for Lehigh Valley Vanguard and Marathon Literary Magazine, while also teaching eighth grade English. A long-time flapper at heart, Kailey enjoys hanging out  in speakeasies, cemeteries, and abandoned amusement parks for all of her poetic inspiration. She is a resident poet of the aforementioned LVV, and her work has been featured in Boston Poetry Magazine and Jersey Devil Press

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