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“advice from spirit eater” and “father” – Poetry by William Lessard

Burning House - Marc Chagall, 1913
Burning House – Marc Chagall, 1913

Not only does William Lessard have 3 gorgeously surreal poems in our Spring 2016 issue (including “advice from spirit eater” and “father,” below), he’ll have four more poems in our forthcoming issue, FLAPPERHOUSE XAND he’ll be performing at our 8th Reading / Issue X Flight Party at Brooklyn’s Pacific Standard on June 22!

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“advice from spirit eater”



behind your spleen

every night

he claws out,

just to watch


can’t stop him / can

slow him down

he likes sugar

and anger—give him





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“weather” – Poetry by William Lessard

A Woman Ghost Appeared from a Well - Katsushika Hokusai, circa 1800
A Woman Ghost Appeared from a Well – Katsushika Hokusai, circa 1800

The supremely spooky & surreal “weather” is one of 3 marvelous poems by William Lessard in our Spring 2016 issue.

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night. We open the door

in the middle of our bed.
The door is candy corn tear.

The door is blue giant
ear. You go first. I follow.

The map says call ghosts.
You call with the side

of your hand. No ghosts.
You call. Not a ripple

in the curtain dark. I say
call with a different voice.

You cup your hand, call
as the girl that stands

behind your eyes. The girl
is ripped dress tacked

to a post. The girl is
blood wiped from the tip

of his favorite tie. I know
this girl. She thinks she’s

hiding, but I catch her.
I’ve seen her often peering

out, sometimes with eyes bolted
to the jewels of foreign fingers.

Her voice is your lace curtain
voice, speaking in gasoline flame.

All the ghosts know her. All the ghosts
know you. They appear as smoke

blown beneath a door. This is how
the night begins. Your voice, this tree.

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FLAPPERHOUSE Podcast #2 – Reading #6

In case you missed our 6th reading— or if you didn’t miss it but would like to relive the experience in podcast form– you may now stream or download it through the Soundcloud file below!

FLAPPERHOUSE Reading #6, In Pictures

A galaxy of gracious thank-yous to everyone who helped make Reading #6 such a trip: WilliamStephenChristinaLeonaMazzaraJoanna, and Anthony for performing your flappy lits; Pacific Standard for your warm & welcoming hospitality; Alibi Jones for your sparkly singing & fine photography; and all you beautiful star-children who came to watch us boogie. Let’s do this again, say, sometime before Memorial Day…?

(photos by Alibi Jones)


William Lessard reads from his space-agey story “Transmission”


Stephen Langlois reads his unsettling short story “Redfield” from FLAPPERHOUSE #9
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FLAPPERHOUSE Reading #6 / Issue 9 Flight Party / VOYAGER RECORD Pre-Launch Countdown

We’re gonna sparkle & boogie as we celebrate the flight of our 9th issue with our 6th reading on Wednesday, March 23rd from 7 – 9 PM at Pacific Standard (82 Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn).

Starring FLAPPERHOUSE #9 contributors LEONA GODINSTEPHEN LANGLOISWILLIAM LESSARD , and CHRISTINA M. RAU ; our fiction editor T. MAZZARA will read from his novel-in-progress; featured poet of FLAPPERHOUSE #8 & Reading #5 JOANNA C. VALENTE returns; as always, chanteuse extraordinaire ALIBI JONES will treat us to a song or two; and all the way from Tel Aviv, ANTHONY MICHAEL MORENA will read from his forthcoming book THE VOYAGER RECORD (Rose Metal Press, May 2016)– featuring a special appearance by the late CARL SAGAN!

Facebookers, join the event by clicking here.


Digital (PDF) Copies of FLAPPERHOUSE #9 Now Available for Pre-Order

Monstrous immortality, reincarnation, eternal recurrence, never-ending gender, virtual sex, multiple organisms, reclusive regiments: FLAPPERHOUSE #9.

MARCH 20, 2016

Pre-order a DIGITAL (PDF) copy for $3US and watch it fly into your emailbox
by the Vernal Equinox!


starring – J. BradleyLeona GodinRob Hartzellj/j hastainStephen Langlois,
William LessardSarah LiliusEmily LinstromCatfish McDarisLauren Milici,
Sarah Frances MoranAhimaaz RajeshChristina M. RauNickalus Rupert,
Joseph Tomaras, and Innas Tsuroiya