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“Bodies,” “Another Failed Poem about Unrequited Love,” and “Synesthesia” – Poetry by Lauren Milici

Sensuality - Franz Stuck, 1891
Sensuality – Franz Stuck, 1891

“Bodies,” “Another Failed Poem about Unrequited Love,” and “Synesthesia” are three  darkly sensual poems by Lauren Milici featured in our Spring 2016 issue.

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smell of burning; lit votive

                             candles. Hit me, he said
                             so I did. Save me, so

I did. Right through new sheets, bled
and fucked like glass breaking. Once

                             tasted; skin, like unfinished portraits.

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“Another  Failed  Poem  about Unrequited  Love”

of me your wife

is dead. I wear nothing
but thigh highs and hot

desperation. I wait
at the foot of your bed,

in the dark.

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