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“Static” – Poetry by Christina M. Rau

Event Horizon Gormley Over Madison Square – Photo by Beyond My Ken (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons

“Static” is one of two dynamic & electric poems by Christina M. Rau in our Spring 2017 issue.

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after Antony Gormley’s Event Horizon, NYC, 2010

two feet toes over.

He’s in the park, too,
same time same size.

And on the edge of a parapet
and on a roof and another.

It’s not the lightning;
it’s the thunder that activates.
Iron resonates.

In a summer storm
one by one
they start to sway.

Big bolts become joints
stagnancy diffused
Thirty one silhouettes across
bluing sky move.

An army of artwork
replicating the inventor.

A clanging systematic
meandering through
the grid. The rain ends.
They keep going

On concrete sidewalks in rows of three
unprogrammed and seemingly sentient.
In humid heat over grates of steam and
subway screams, they march in glinting sun
unswayed, a marathon of mechanics.

Autumn comes. People stop running.
They take pictures in winter.
Then in spring,
the robotic march
remains simply another
city thing, cogs and
wheels and disused fury.

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“Maggots: A Rapture” and “Legacy of Strega” – Poetry by Christina M. Rau

The Focus Tombs - Paul Delvaux, 1957
The Focus Tombs – Paul Delvaux, 1957

“Maggots: A Rapture” and “Legacy of Strega” are two gloriously grisly poems by Christina M. Rau in our Summer 2016 issue.

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“Maggots: A Rapture”

humans from two paired trees;
after they broke down the body of Ymir:
his skull the sky, his brains the clouds,
bones unbroken into mountains,
his blood all oceans, flesh flensed clean
into all the mortal world,
the maggots came
feasting on unused parts:
the brow, the spleen, the lining of arteries.

Such is the nature of maggots,
to clean up the messes of giants.

The gods wished to continue creating
to fill up the chaotic void unperturbed.

And so, the gods cast their random plan—

Immoral maggots banished
as a race of chthonic trolls—
may a hint of daylight render them to stone.

The maggots deemed moral found
a place to flit about somewhere between
Earth and Heaven, lovely fairies of light.

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“Legacy of Strega” 

HIS FATHER DIED IN CORSICA. Natural causes. When a man gets stabbed, naturally he bleeds. When a man gets stabbed more than once, naturally he bleeds more. When all the blood bleeds out, naturally he dies.

His mother died in Corsica. On a full stomach. She sucked up all the husband’s blood, her lips on each stab wound. Then she found some daggers and plunged them into herself.

Into the tomb they went, his dead mother and him in her womb. Self-sufficient in a dead space in a dead space. Self-delivered from a dead space into a dead space. Then he climbed out. It was night.

From dark place in a dark place to wide open dark place. To dabble with goblins. To make a new race. To suck. To scour. To ghoul and gyre. To hunt nocturnal. On moors. Crags of rock. Pale to the moonlight.

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photo by Kaeti Wigeland
photo by Kaeti Wigeland

CHRISTINA M. RAU is the author of the poetry chapbooks WakeBreatheMove (Finishing Line Press, 2015) and For The Girls, I (Dancing Girl Press, 2014). Founder of Poets In Nassau, a reading circuit on Long Island, NY, her poetry has appeared on gallery walls in The Ekphrastic Poster Show, on car magnets for The Living Poetry Project, and most recently in the journals Queen Mob’s Teahouse and Meniscus. In her non-writing life, she practices yoga occasionally and line dances on other occasions. She blogs at http://alifeofwe.blogspot.com and does everything else at www.christinamrau.com.

“Washerwomen” – Poetry by Christina M. Rau

Washerwomen - Paul Gauguin, 1888
Washerwomen – Paul Gauguin, 1888

“Washerwomen” is one of two stirring and beguiling poems by Christina M. Rau in our Spring 2016 issue.

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preparing sheets to shroud the dead.

Men can’t resist a moondance,
a ripple dance, long white hair.

The women weave it to make the sheets
they wash. They wear tattered dresses,

black and grey, subsist on night
and liquid, act kindly to those

pure of heart, and those at peace,
and those who dream and walk the moon.

From caves underground,
they emerge beside stagnant waters.

They offer cleansing to those who
discard the harmony of the night.

They pull sinners close,
pretty day-faces wrinkle at dark.

Sins fade only below the surface
twisted in damp sheets—

these shrouds are for sins.
Sometimes the women are only shadows.

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“The Weight Between Want and Desire” – Poetry by Christina M. Rau

The Desire - Remedios Varo, 1935
The Desire – Remedios Varo, 1935

“The Weight Between Want and Desire” is one of two stirring and beguiling poems by Christina M. Rau in our Spring 2016 issue.

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it plummets off cliffs in gusts.
A search for nothing
takes forever,

slated out, left for loss
in other people’s warrens:
a broken magnet, unsure compass
poking through a canvas sack.

A coffin, a casket,
a green and purple basket:
full, heavy, reeking of apples
stored up for the last half of tomorrow.

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FLAPPERHOUSE Podcast #2 – Reading #6

In case you missed our 6th reading— or if you didn’t miss it but would like to relive the experience in podcast form– you may now stream or download it through the Soundcloud file below!

FLAPPERHOUSE Reading #6, In Pictures

A galaxy of gracious thank-yous to everyone who helped make Reading #6 such a trip: WilliamStephenChristinaLeonaMazzaraJoanna, and Anthony for performing your flappy lits; Pacific Standard for your warm & welcoming hospitality; Alibi Jones for your sparkly singing & fine photography; and all you beautiful star-children who came to watch us boogie. Let’s do this again, say, sometime before Memorial Day…?

(photos by Alibi Jones)


William Lessard reads from his space-agey story “Transmission”


Stephen Langlois reads his unsettling short story “Redfield” from FLAPPERHOUSE #9
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FLAPPERHOUSE Reading #6 / Issue 9 Flight Party / VOYAGER RECORD Pre-Launch Countdown

We’re gonna sparkle & boogie as we celebrate the flight of our 9th issue with our 6th reading on Wednesday, March 23rd from 7 – 9 PM at Pacific Standard (82 Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn).

Starring FLAPPERHOUSE #9 contributors LEONA GODINSTEPHEN LANGLOISWILLIAM LESSARD , and CHRISTINA M. RAU ; our fiction editor T. MAZZARA will read from his novel-in-progress; featured poet of FLAPPERHOUSE #8 & Reading #5 JOANNA C. VALENTE returns; as always, chanteuse extraordinaire ALIBI JONES will treat us to a song or two; and all the way from Tel Aviv, ANTHONY MICHAEL MORENA will read from his forthcoming book THE VOYAGER RECORD (Rose Metal Press, May 2016)– featuring a special appearance by the late CARL SAGAN!

Facebookers, join the event by clicking here.


Digital (PDF) Copies of FLAPPERHOUSE #9 Now Available for Pre-Order

Monstrous immortality, reincarnation, eternal recurrence, never-ending gender, virtual sex, multiple organisms, reclusive regiments: FLAPPERHOUSE #9.

MARCH 20, 2016

Pre-order a DIGITAL (PDF) copy for $3US and watch it fly into your emailbox
by the Vernal Equinox!


starring – J. BradleyLeona GodinRob Hartzellj/j hastainStephen Langlois,
William LessardSarah LiliusEmily LinstromCatfish McDarisLauren Milici,
Sarah Frances MoranAhimaaz RajeshChristina M. RauNickalus Rupert,
Joseph Tomaras, and Innas Tsuroiya