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“Offbeat Writing with a Sexy Twist”

We’re blushing pretty hard over The Review Review‘s recent 5-star review of our Spring 2018 issue, FLAPPERHOUSE #17. The review, aptly titled “Offbeat Writing with a Sexy Twist,” was written by Kim Jacobs-Beck, with whom we swear we have had no prior contact nor relationship of any kind. She says that our latest issue is:

“well-edited, with a coherent theme. Most pieces in this issue address the surreality of coming of age, of burgeoning sexuality, of gendered interactions, of the way former lovers can haunt, and other life transitions.”

Ms. Jacobs-Beck highlights a few pieces in particular: Katie Longofono’s “The Virus Shaves Her Legs,” Melissa Mesku’s “Dead in the Eye,” Michael Chin’s “Forever,” and Gabriela Garcia’s “Mark.” And in conclusion, she writes:

“FLAPPERHOUSE is an interesting journal, definitely off the track of academically-affiliated literary journals, and that is a strength. It would no doubt make a good home for work that is hard to place in more conventional journals…

“In addition to being a home for unusual literary works, FLAPPERHOUSE 17 was engaging and fun to read; I would recommend subscribing to it, either in print or PDF.”

Should you care to follow Ms. Jacobs-Beck’s wise recommendation, you can check out our various subscription packages here. And you can read her very flattering review in its entirety at The Review Review.

We’re Making the Lists…

Hey cool, we’re making some lists!

We were just added to the database over at the esteemed Review Review, and renowned fantasy author Piers Anthony has also included us on his list of internet publishers. “I was told about this so am listing it though I haven’t looked it up yet,” Mr. Anthony writes of us. “A report is that they responded in about three days and pay pretty well.” (We suppose we do pay “pretty well,” compared to most online publishers at least; however, while we’ve been known to respond in three days or less on occasion, we generally need a bit longer than that.)