The Fall of the House of Flapper – A Letter from the Editor

Hail and Farewell – Aubrey Beardsley, 1898


I profoundly regret to announce that the next issue of FLAPPERHOUSE magazine– our Winter 2019 issue, scheduled to fly on December 21 of this year– will be our last. It’ll be our 20th issue, and the end of our 5th year– considerably longer than many other equally good (or better) creative endeavors, and certainly longer than I would have anticipated 5 years ago.

It isn’t that I’m not still proud of what we’ve been doing, or that I don’t still love publishing & promoting surreal, shadowy, sensual, and/or satirical literature by highly talented writers. It’s just that, for a whole mess of reasons that have been tangling together over the past year or so, I can no longer devote the time & effort to keep this weird little zine afloat, let alone provide the kind nurturing it would need to continue evolving into the majestic butterfly queen it deserves to be.

At this point, I must stress how much FLAPPERHOUSE– and all the warm, fuzzy, fervent support it has received from so many brilliant & good-hearted people these past 5 years– has meant to me. Not only have so many of you made me feel validated as a creator & curator of bizarre lit, but more importantly, along the way I’ve made countless relationships I would not have made otherwise, which I will cherish forever & continue clinging to as I begin the next phase of my life & career. I am far beyond grateful to anyone who has provided any degree of support to us, be it a simple retweet or a hefty financial donation.
Thanks as well to all the amazing writers who have contributed their work to our pages or performed at one of our readings this past half-decade; FLAPPERHOUSE would be nothing without them. Thanks to our esteemed editorial team: Sherrel McLafferty, Stephen Langlois, Maria Pinto, Jeremiah Driver, and Aicha Martine Thiam, plus our editors emeritus T. Mazzara, Beck Havens, Dean Blumberg, and Brittney Williams; collectively, they volunteered myriad hours of their lives to help make FLAPPERHOUSE as flappy as can be, and without them, this enterprise certainly would have come crashing down far sooner. And last but not least, a galaxy of thanks to Alibi Jones, my most beloved muse of everything.
Back to the housekeeping: In addition to the zine, our reading series will also come to a close, though probably not until Spring next year. Copies of our zines & books should remain available on Amazon indefinitely, as those are print-on-demand. We do plan to publish, as per usual, a print anthology of everything we’ve published this calendar year, which we’ll release in early 2019. We have no plans to ever remove our website from the internet, so we expect our archives to remain online indefinitely as well– though we plan to cease posting new material here once all the pieces of our 20th issue are up, shortly before Spring starts. Again, our 20th and final issue is set to fly December 21; our final deadline for submissions will be November 28.
To our subscribers whose yearly subscriptions would’ve still been active following our 20th issue: rest assured that you shall, in due time, be refunded the value of any future issues you will unfortunately not be receiving after all.
And to everyone & anyone who might feel even remotely sad or disappointed by this turn of events, I hope you understand that this decision comes with a heavy heart, a bottomless well of gratitude, and eyes wide toward a brighter future…
Peace, Love, & Flappiness,
Joe O’Brien
founder / managing editor

2 thoughts on “The Fall of the House of Flapper – A Letter from the Editor

  1. Thank you so very much, Joe, for all that you do, for how you’ve elevated and supported artists and writers, for the incredibly gorgeous journal that you and all of the Flapper editors created over the past five years… I can only imagine all of the wonderful new adventures that you will be embark on! Thank you thank you thank you….


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