FLAPPERHOUSE Reading #22, In Pictures

A googolplex of gargantuan gratitudes to everyone who made our 22nd Reading one of the all-time greats: Keegan, Melissa, Mary Boo, Jess, Ron, and Shy for performing your flappy lits;  Alibi for your show-stopping singing and fab photography; Pacific Standard for the ever-gracious hospitality; and of course, all you gorgeous & enthusiastic individuals who came to be part of the audience.
Let’s do this again on June 27…

photos by Alibi Jones

Keegan Lester recounts an unforgettable road trip soundtracked by Fleetwood Mac

Melissa Mesku talks about The Game and how to lose it

Mary Boo Anderson shares some love poems from the NSA

Jess Rizkallah shares poems both silly & sad

Ron Kolm tells stories about his days as an encyclopedia salesman

Shy Watson recites poems from her latest book “Cheap Yellow”

Alibi Jones prepares to teach the audience how to do the Dada Polka

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