What a Wonderful Time to SUBSCRIBE!

Do you have any idea how great of a time it is to subscribe to FLAPPERHOUSE right now? Next week our Fall 2017 issue flies, and boy, is it a monster…the kind of monster that will scare the pants off you at first, but then once you get closer & get to know it you’ll realize that deep down this monster simply needs to be loved, just like everybody else. And while our Winter 2018 issue won’t fly for over 3 months, it’s already got some brain-tingling mind games & other scintillating surreality hidden in its attic, waiting to be unwrapped for the holiday season…

So if one were to subscribe to FLAPPERHOUSE at this time, one would be treating oneself to a cornucopia of marvelous literary weirdness for the rest of 2017, as well as helping ensure that we can continue our pursuit of flappiness well into 2018…

PRINT & DIGITAL Subscriptions*
1-year’s worth of print & digital (PDF) copies of our quarterly issues – just $40 USD
2-years’ worth of print & digital (PDF) copies of our quarterly issues – just $70 USD
a LIFETIME of print & digital (PDF) copies of our quarterly issues – just $200 USD!
*please note that these prices are available for US shipping addresses only. if you live outside the US & would be interested in a print subscription, email FLAPPERHOUSE at gmail dot com & we’ll see if we can figure out a comparable price for you~

DIGITAL-ONLY Subscriptions
1 year (4 issues) of digital (PDF) copies for $10US :btn_buynowCC_LG
2 years (8 issues) of digital (PDF) copies for $15US:
LIFETIME of digital (PDF) issues for just $50 US! 


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