Digital Copies of FLAPPERHOUSE #15 Now Available!

Inescapable Body Horror, Drunken Gods, Chatty Animals, Killer Candymen, Tyrannical Trumps, Jeff Goldblum’s Sick Abs: FLAPPERHOUSE #15
SEPTEMBER 22, 2017
DIGITAL (PDF) copies now available via PayPal for 

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately we are currently unable to email PDFs immediately upon order. Delivery of your PDF may take anywhere from several seconds to several hours, but rest assured, we will complete your purchase as soon as humanly possible.

We apologize profusely for any inconvenience or delayed gratification.

(PRINT edition now available for $6US)


“John Wick Pumps Gas,” “Superhero,” and
“So, The Portal To Another Dimension Is Not In The Hudson” – Chris Antzoulis
“The Ribcage Creates the Sound of Settling,” “The Ribcage Explains (Again) Why It Never Votes,” “The Ribcage Dreams of Dancing On a Grave (Or Two),” “The Ribcage Tries to Make a Sextape,” and “The Ribcage Tries to Find a Cure For Catching Feelings” – 
J. Bradley

“My language is so dead & undead” – Kristen Brida
“Drenched Mold” and “Which Alter Ego Will Drown You?” –
Juliet Cook & Michael Bernstein
“Drought” – Kim Coleman Foote
“Existential Ketchup” – James Croal Jackson
“Transformulation” – Serena Johe
“Shinrin-yoku” – Amanda Krupman
“Phantoms” and “Vanity” – Ashley Mares
“Hades in Single Malt” and “Ares Inebriated” – Bernadette McComish
“No More I Love You’s” and “Douchko” – Juan Parra
“Big Game Hunter” – Matt Patrick
“A Bullet for Mr. Sweet” – E.L. Siegelstein
“Ecotone” – Chelsea Laine Wells
“Scent” – Cooper Wilhelm

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