FLAPPERHOUSE Reading #14, in Pictures

An ocean of thank-yous to everyone who helped make last night’s reading more fun than a mosh pit at an anarchist pep rally: Gregory, Lisa Marie, Michael, Anne, Kurt, Adam, and Abigail for performing your flappy lits; Alibi for your scintillating singing and photography; Pacific Standard for your infinitely warm hospitality; and all you hip & gorgeous people who came out to watch. Let’s do this again sometime in late May, maybe? 

(photos by Alibi Jones)

Gregory Crosby, author of FH13’s “Nine Masks,” reads his alluring & mysterious poetry

 Lisa Marie Basile spellbinds the audience with her evocative poetry

Michael Díaz Feito reads “The Rats Are Ready,” one of his three poems in our new issue

A.E. Weisgerber performs some captivating flash fiction, including FH13’s “Picnic”

The late Kurt Cobain shares some excerpts from his forthcoming book of journal entries

Adam Tedesco reads some poetry from his forthcoming book ABLAZA

Abigail Welhouse performs a poem about the President & a broccoli-fearing pug

Abigail & Gregory join forces for their poem “Questions for Tilda Swinton.”

1 thought on “FLAPPERHOUSE Reading #14, in Pictures

  1. Reblogged this on Anne Elizabeth Weisgerber and commented:
    I had the pleasure of visiting Brooklyn, to read at the Flapperhouse Spring Issue Flight Party. Thanks Alibi Jones for the great pictures, my fellow readers for their great poetry, and Joseph P. O’Brien for organizing this great reading series at Pacific Standard!


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