FLAPPERHOUSE Reading #12, In Pictures

A hundred thousand hymns of praise to everyone who helped make last night’s reading such a holy moment: Anthony, Francine, Leland, Leonard, Ron, and Deirdre for performing your flappy lits; Alibi for your exquisite singing & fantastic photography; Pacific Standard for once again being our favorite place to read; and all you smart & sexy people who came to catch the show. Let’s do this again on February 15…

photos by Alibi Jones

img_5724Anthony Cappo shares poems of music & memory from his chapbook My Bedside Radio.

img_5749Francine Witte warns us of “Things to Watch Out For” in one of her poems from our new issue.

img_5765Leland Cheuk performs his brilliant short story “League of Losers” from his new collection Letters From Dinosaurs.

img_5770The late Leonard Cohen assures us that Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.

img_5789Ron Kolm reads “Terminal,” his excellent narrative poem from FLAPPERHOUSE #12.

img_5804Deirdre Coyle reads “How to Vomit Living Creatures,” her wonderfully bizarre story from our new issue.

15873584_10158040939540173_845387350329369079_nAlibi Jones eagerly sinks her pearly whites into Reading #12.

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