FLAPPERHOUSE Reading #7, In Pictures

We’d like to stir a big bubbling cauldron of gratitude for everyone who helped make Reading #7 such a bewitching evening: Kailey, Mary, Shawn, Darley, Dorothy, Ilana, Ron and Luis for performing your flappy lits; Pacific Standard for continuing to be the best bar in all of New York to host a reading; Alibi Jones for your scintillating singing & lovely photography; and all you gorgeous cats & kittens who came down to get spellbound. Let’s do this again, say, around the next Solstice…

(photos by Alibi Jones)


Kailey Tedesco reads some of her magical poetry, including “How Often We Confuse Ovens for Rabbit Holes”


Mary Breaden keeps the witchy vibe alive with some spooky short fiction


Shawn Frazier gets surreal performing a dreamy new tale


Darley Stewart reads her deliciously twisted story “The Last of Scott”


The late Dorothy Parker works through a ghastly case of the rams to read some old & new poems


Ilana Masad reads a riveting short story based on some lesser-known chapters in Dorothy Parker’s biography


Ron Kolm recites “The Bust,” a true-crime story from his days at The Strand bookstore


All the way from Houston, Luis Galindo performs some of his kick-ass poetry, including “The Prince of Darkness is cool, like Toshiro Mifune”

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