FLAPPERHOUSE Reading #4, In Pictures

A million butternut squash-flavored thank yous to everyone who helped make Reading #4 such a blast: Bud, Shannon, David, Scott, Anna, T, & Michael for performing your flappy lits; Pacific Standard for your warm & welcoming hospitality; Alibi Jones for your superb singing & splendid photography; and to all you scintillating individuals who attended and gave us our biggest crowd yet. 

See y’all again this Winter…

Photos by Alibi Jones

Bud Smith reviews his corner bodega in an excerpt from “Tables Without Chairs”
Shannon Moore Shepherd reads her dark & ravenous poem “Creature Feature: Caligynachtmare: Dread the Beauty”

David X. Wiggin slays the crowd with the brutally funny satire of “Armed & Fabulous!”
The late F. Scott Fitzgerald reads an excerpt from his forthcoming sequel to “The Great Gatsby”
Anna Meister recites poems from her stunning collection “Nothing Granted”
T. Mazzara dedicates his touching prose poem “Gelid” to a dearly departed friend
Michael Díaz Feito ends the evening on a Southern Gothic note with an excerpt from his short story “Ewart”

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