5 Facts About FLAPPERHOUSE #6

FLAPPERHOUSE6redcoverFLAPPERHOUSE #6 is full of blood, braille, booze, beauty, birth, rebirth, summertime torture, feminist fairy tales,  fake Game of Thrones spoilers,  wayward placentas, fugitive robots, and Hot Pockets.

FLAPPERHOUSE #6 is T. Mazzara‘s first issue as our fiction editor, so you may notice that overall our short stories look even leaner & more muscular than usual.

FLAPPERHOUSE #6 once again broadens our leathery wingspan’s embrace of the globe; in addition to the US, UK, Ireland, Israel, India, Sri Lanka, Canada, & Macedonia, we will now have published work by writers from Pakistan, Germany, & the Philippines.

Digital (PDF) copies of FLAPPERHOUSE #6 are now available to pre-order for $3US, ready to fly into your emailbox by June 21. (Print copies will be orderable starting June 20.)

The flight of FLAPPERHOUSE #6 will be celebrated with our 3rd reading at Brooklyn’s Pacific Standard on June 25.

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