FLAPPERHOUSE Reading #2, In Pictures

A thousand salty, squishy thank-yous to all who helped make Reading #2 such a smash: Pacific Standard for offering their super-cool space; Bud, Jasper, Eric, Lauren, & Diana for reading their flappy lits; Alibi for the gorgeous singing & photography; and of course, all you sexy people who came to listen & buy paperbacks.

What do you say we do it again this summer?…

all photos by Alibi Jones

Bud Smith slays the crowd with poems about cheeseburgers & his car.


Jasper Lo shares some dark yet beautiful poems inspired by his time in the military.


Eric Siegelstein tells us what it’s like to talk to the dead in “Ghost-Sick Jarvis,” an excerpt from his novel-in-progress.


Lauren recites her unique style of sultry, sensual poetry.


Diana Clarke reads “Blood Ties,” her tale of menstrual anxiety from FLAPPERHOUSE #3.


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