Tonight on AMERICA’S NEXT TOP GREAT AMERICAN NOVELIST – Holiday Edition, 12.23.2014

SkippingChristmasBecause of Christmas, this week’s episode of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP GREAT AMERICAN NOVELIST, which normally airs every Thursday at 9PM on The Network Channel, instead airs tonight at 10:30. Here’s what’s in store for our Novelistestants on ANTGAN’s Holiday Edition:

  • Contestants’ chapters must contain a flashback to a character’s past Holiday Celebration, without obviously being a thinly-veiled retelling of one of the writer’s own crappy Holiday Celebrations
  • Vishy wins Immunity, but trades it in a Yankee Swap for a blurb from Gillian Flynn
  • Pilantro and Dixelle’s debate about the True Meaning of Christmas results in three overturned tables and a severed earlobe
  • Kenson declares “There ain’t no American Christmas novels worth shit,” visibly offending Special Guest Judge John Grisham

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