Definition of a FLAPPER

FlapperhouseFallAt the request of our readers, we are herewith presenting our “definition of a Flapper”:

She’s independent, full of grace,

a pleasing form, a pretty FRONTAL LOBE;

is often saucy, also pert,

and doesn’t think it wrong to JAZZERCISE;

knows what she wants, and gets it too,

receives the homage that’s her MONGOOSE;

her love is warm, her hate is deep,

for she can laugh, and she can YODEL;

but she is true as true can be,

her will’s unchained, her soul is NON-REFUNDABLE;

she charms the young, she jars the old,

within her beats a heart of MACAROONS;

she furnishes the spice of life–

and makes some boob a darn good TELESCOPE!

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