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“The Puddle of Romeo’s Tears” – Poetry by Luis Galindo

Romeo and Juliet - Ford Madox Brown, 1870
Romeo and Juliet – Ford Madox Brown, 1870

Luis Galindo‘s “The Puddle of Romeo’s Tears” is our favorite kind of heartbreak poem: bitter yet playful, melancholy yet comic,  graceful yet naughty. And it’s but one of the many savory slices of lit you can read in our Spring 2014 Issue, on sale for just $3.

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Last night
Under the moon’s silver chains
And pink undergarments?
Were you busy? Were you washing
Your hair in the tears
Of half-assed Romeos
In the unrequited evening?

I was there
Under your balcony
Wearing a green snake-skin
suit that I bought
from the Our Mother of Holy Agony
Thrift store on the corner of
Mistake and Trust.
While standing there
And howling, I could see
The sign of the manufacturer
Of the fire escape under your window.
Stamped into the cold dark steel:
Dirtyfuckinglie, Inc.

I stood there for hours with
A love poem I had written
The night before on a napkin
From our favorite Chinese restaurant.

I had planned on reciting it
To you, at midnight
But it was too late.
You were
Not There
You were


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