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“Inside my heart the river is nightmarish warm” – Fiction by Robin Wyatt Dunn

Waiting For Dawn - Hugo Simberg, 1895
Waiting For Dawn – Hugo Simberg, 1895

 “Inside my heart the river is nightmarish warm” is Robin Wyatt Dunn‘s surreally apocalyptic vignette from our Spring 2015 issue.

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I HAVE NOT BEEN MANY PLACES, BUT WHERE I HAVE BEEN IS A SHADOW. The killings, but more importantly, their source, is close now to me still.

Perhaps the source does not matter. There are many such events; rarely are our curiosities satisfied.

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She was pounding on the door. Making a sound like rain, out of her mouth. A soothing sound from her mouth, but from her hands it was simply BANG BANG BANG.

“What is it Angel?” I asked. And I opened the door.

I opened the door, though I suppose it had already been open for some time, on what was to come; what had arrived in us.

She had not washed and was covered in some kind of liquid, I found later that it had been washing detergent. Her hair was sticky with it and she thrust her knife hand through the gap in the door before it was even properly open, grazing my stomach. I jerked back in surprise and felt the adrenaline rush into my body.


I saw her then and what scared me was not her appearance but my reaction: I expected this.

Her mouth opened again and the rainwater sound came out. This part does sound crazy, though why a simple sound should be the craziest part of a story I don’t know. But that’s the sound that she made; like droplets hitting a wet sidewalk. Like someone had jammed a small stereo speaker into her throat and it was transmitting soothing nature sounds, like beach waves to help you sleep.

I hit her over the head with an empty beer bottle from my desk and it stunned her; her knife hand loosened. I did it again and she was down, and that was when I heard the others outside.

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