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Bathroom Books for a New Civilization

FLAPPERHOUSE #3 contributor Anthony Michael Morena shot this cool little Vine-like video of the books in his bathroom library, which he claims is “designed to restart civilization.”

Joseph P. O’Brien for America’s Bathroom Libraries

For the latest ad in our campaign to promote Bathroom Reading, our editor enjoys one of his favorite books (Katherine Dunn’s Geek Love) in one of his favorite places (the shower). JoeREAD

The FLAPPERHOUSE Bathroom Library

Here at FLAPPERHOUSE, we believe that Reading Is Fundamental, and few kinds of reading are more fundamental than Bathroom Reading. When you consider that the average person spends over 90 hours per year using the bathroom, it’s not surprising to learn that those who have chosen to spend much of that time with books have contributed a great deal to the cultural history of humankind.

That’s why we were so alarmed to learn from Factual Science Magazine how Bathroom Reading has declined over 72% since 2009. (Thanks again for devolving the culture, SmartPhones!) And as a result, we’ve decided to make it our mission to resurrect this dying pastime.

This mission will, of course, be an ongoing affair, so for now we’d simply like to start by sharing the contents of FLAPPERHOUSE‘s own Bathroom Library:

FLAPPERHOUSE Bathroom Library

Clockwise from top left: Modesty Blaise by Peter O’Donnell; Peepshow: 1950s Pin-Ups In 3D, edited by Melcher Media, with Introduction by Bunny Yeager; Magritte: Thought Rendered Visible by Marcel Paquet; Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters; Drinking With British Architects: Poems by Jeff Laughlin

So, friends of FLAPPERHOUSE, do any of you have your own Bathroom Libraries at home? Let us know, and help us spread the word that Bathroom Reading Is One Of The Most Fundamental Kinds Of Reading There Is!