Now available in soft pulpy paperback via Amazon for $18US: FLAPPERHOUSE – YEAR FOUR, the print anthology of all the surreal, shadowy, sensual, and satirical lit we published in 2017 (including numerous pieces never posted here on our site)…

Including: Killer cinema, mystical soothlayers, manic manifestos, mythical masks, squirrel funerals, wayward wizards, Freddy Krueger, Astronauts, Chrononauts, Bird Bones, Reincarnated Warhol, Clairvoyant Love Triangles, Loony Lighthouse-Keepers, Inescapable Body Horror, Drunken Gods, Chatty Animals, Killer Candymen, Tyrannical Trumps, Jeff Goldblum’s Sick Abs, Radio waves, headless mules, forbidden books, lost cities, dark moon missions, lousy philosophers, Sycorax, Selena, Lizzie Borden, and much much more…

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