FLAPPERHOUSE Reading #20, In Pictures

A gazillion gallons of glittery gratitude to everyone who helped make last night’s reading such a groovy deee-lite: Kim, Armando, Sarah, Anthony, and Devin for performing your flappy lits; Alibi Jones for your scintillating singing & photography; Pacific Standard for the ever-gracious hospitality; and all you gorgeous people who came in from the unseasonable warmth to witness it all…we’ll see you again on March 21…

[photos by Alibi Jones]

Kim Coleman Foote reads stories inspired by playing with the letters in her friends’ names

Armando Jaramillo Garcia recites poetry about atomic towns & unrecognized philosophy

Sarah Bridgins shares some glamorous poems about rosé & paintings of Real Housewives

Joseph P. O’Brien plays “Agatha’s Library,” a story-song inspired by “Alice’s Restaurant”

Anthony Cappo’s trenchant poems cover everything from flappers to the Steele Dossier

Devin G. Kelly performs passionate poems about alter egos & imaginary museums

Alibi Jones prepares to dazzle the crowd with a jazzy rendition of “Groove is in the Heart”

1 thought on “FLAPPERHOUSE Reading #20, In Pictures

  1. God, i want to read alliteration free verse poetry to an excited crowd now so damn bad.i really need to take the plunge to stage poetry and jump in the local spotlight even if for just a moment.


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