Print & Digital (PDF) Copies of FLAPPERHOUSE #16 Now Available

Radio waves, headless mules, forbidden books, lost cities, dark moon missions, lousy philosophers, Sycorax, Selena, Lizzie Borden: FLAPPERHOUSE #16

DECEMBER 21, 2017
Digital (PDF) copies now available for $3US via PayPal

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately we are currently unable to email PDFs immediately upon order. Delivery of your PDF may take anywhere from several seconds to several hours, but rest assured, we will complete your purchase as soon as humanly possible.

We apologize profusely for any inconvenience or delayed gratification.

Print copies available for $6US via Amazon 


“X-Ray” – Rosie Adams
“Disclaimer” – Hussain Ahmed
“Betula nigra” – Avee Chaudhuri
“Sycorax Martinez is a witch from Corpus Christi, Texas” – Luis Galindo
“Polis” – Gary W. Hartley
four excerpts from in her own words – Valerie Hsiung
“The Louse” – Ian Kappos
“The Dead/s of My DNA” – Nooks Krannie
“Facebook – 4/3/17,” “Facebook – 4/12/17,” “Facebook – 4/15/17,” “Facebook – 4/20/17,” and “Facebook – 8/21/17”  William Lessard
“moon-cleansed,” “louis, carol: love story,” and “star kin” – Monica Lewis
“after a beating like that/ any other fighter would’ve chosen to disappear”
and “the old head verses (ecclesiastes) 21-25” by Kwame Opoku-Duku
“The Headless Mule” – H. Pueyo
“Apollo 10: The Dark Side Tapes,” “Blame it on the moon,”
and “The Ammi Wright House, Circa 1888” – E.B. Schnepp
“The Forbidden Book of Uziah Greiss” – Abhishek Sengupta
“I Ask the Netherworld if Lizzie Borden Did It & This is What it Says” – Kailey Tedesco

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