Digital Copies of FLAPPERHOUSE #12 Now Available for Pre-Order

Ravenous hunger, sinister shadows, teenage demons, feline behemoths, asbestos snowflakes, Marxist lice, Henry Kissinger: FLAPPERHOUSE #12!

Now Available in PRINT for $6US
and digital (PDF) for $3US

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately we are currently unable to email PDFs immediately upon order. Delivery of your PDF may take anywhere from several seconds to several hours, but rest assured, we will complete your purchase as soon as humanly possible.

We apologize profusely for any inconvenience or delayed gratification.



“The Number of Grains of Sand on Earth” – Matt Alexander
“The Unfed” – Nancy Au
“Today I saw Henry Kissinger on the subway,” “She told me she likes to feel dominated,”
and “Aftermath” – Anthony Cappo
“How to Vomit Living Creatures” – Deirdre Coyle
“The Shadow’s Insomnia” – Shawn Frazier
“Beyond Kansas” – Marc Harshman
“Unfurring” – Rebecca Ann Jordan
“Terminal” – Ron Kolm
“Seven Ate Nine” – Hannah Lackoff
“Send in the Clowns” – Chris Muravez
“The Last Cuban Militant” and “Johnny On the Rocks” – Juan Parra
“Love Song of a Femme Fatale on Scholarship” – Maria Pinto
“The Courtship” and “I Feel the Same Way About You” – Jan Stinchcomb
“Evolution” and “Things to Watch out for” – Francine Witte
“The Cake” – Jonathan Wlodarski

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